Some gallery views from "Found in Translation".

Entryway: Coiled ceramic Vase by Patricia Morse, Flowers by Shunji Asari, Storage Jar by George Gledhill, Crystalline Glaze Bowl by Joe Symons.

Background: Tansu by Evert Sodergren, Fissured Jar by George Gledhill, Hanten (Jacket) by Kikuko Dewa, Calligraphy by Chiyo Sanada.

Foreground: Jar by Robert Fornell on Tapestry by Rachel Meginnes.

Mid: Sculpted Chair by Evert Sodergren (in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery of American Crafts), Ceramic Urn by Brian O'Neill (reminiscent of iron "yuugama").

Back: Bronze Sculpture by Gerard Tsutakawa, Calligraphy by Merideth McPherson, Painting & Print by Mark Meyer, Pyrographs (encounters between hot glass & handmade paper) by Etsuko Ichikawa, Sumi-e by Teiko Shimazaki, Kiri-e (paper cuts) by Aki Sogabe.

Foreground: Tea Bowl & Mizusashi (fresh water container) by Robert Fornell.

Mid: Mixed Media Sculpture by Janice Maher.

Back: Calligraphy by Peter Miller, Paintings by Melodie Loughmuller, Paintings & Ceramics by Richard Conover.

Bronze Sculpture "MIMI" by Gerard Tsutakawa,

Calligraphy "Enso" by Meredith McPherson.

Foreground: Mixed-media Sculpture by Janice Maher.

Back: 8-Panel Indigo/Hemp Noren (split panel curtain) by Kikuko Dewa (commissioned by the Seattle Art Museum for its 1992 "Views From a Paper Window" exhibition) hangs above a variety of ceramics for food, drink, & flowers by local and international potters.

Woodblock Prints by Jean Shannon of Mashiko, Japan;

Japanese Folk toys from WaSabiDou Collection.

This is just the inside of the Gallery. Outside, you'll find scenic Skagit Valley Farmland and Mountains. Currently, thousands of migrating Snow Geese & hundreds of Trumpeter Swans are camping in the surrounding fields. Also, in nearby La Conner at the Museum of NorthWest Art (MONA), there's a great exhibtion of paintings by Seattle artist Frank Okada.

We're less than an hour from Seattle, and less than half an hour from Bellingham. Come spend an afternoon in the Valley surrounded by the Beauty of Art & Nature!